Free MP3 music downloads from these five cool (and safe) websites

Back in the day, downloading music meant one thing: Napster. Nowadays things are a lot more complicated, and most of us are afraid of viruses, lawsuits, or both. If you’re tired of exposing yourself to unnecessary risk in order to get some free jams, check out these four safe websites hosting all kinds of free mp3 music downloads. I guarantee you won’t leave empty handed, and you won’t worry if you contracted a nasty virus with your new beats.
A free mp3 music downloads from zippyshare archive.
Amazon was once just an online bookstore. Now you can buy almost anything there, from a new toaster to digital purchases like eBooks and mp3s. Sign up for an account (if you don’t already have one) and go to their free mp3 music downloads link at Be sure to sort the search results by genre in order to narrow down the results. Fair warning: You might have to kiss a bunch of frogs before you find a prince.
If you’re into older and/or more obscure music (mashups of Jay-Z and Radiohead, anyone) then probably has what you’re looking for. Look, has a very convoluted past, with different companies buying, dismantling, selling, and even relaunching the service. And for all those reasons it has suffered from many things, including a very outdated “Free MP3 of the Day” section (last updated in 2012). Despite all this, there are still some great tracks to be found here. You just have to be willing to dig for a few days. But don’t expect to come back here for new music every week; it’s pretty much a one ring circus.
It’s been a while since offered free online streaming, but did you know that their website still offers several free mp3 music downloads? Simply navigate to for all their current tracks available. Clicking on the download arrow to the right of the track title is just about all the work you need to do. At the time of this post, currently had over eleven pages of 20 music tracks each. And while you’re waiting for that download to finish, you can view’s top tracks, listening trends, and even check out their newsfeed of “Top Music Stories”.
With over 460,000 tracks from artists around the world, Jamendo is a great source for free mp3 downloads and music streaming. You don’t necessarily need an account to download, but signing up for one will definitely make your searches and downloads more enjoyable. Jamendo is a an amazing website with a clean interface. It’s a great place to lose yourself while looking through the latest interviews as you jam out to some great tunes.
Now you know how easy it is to download safe and free mp3s from the above four websites. I really suggest taking a long tour of each and seeing what you come up with. You’re only limited by your internet connection and the free space on your hard drive, so take a few risks. Try something new. Delete the ones you hate, and make a modern ‘mix tape’ or two of the ones you love. Swap flash drives with your friends. It’ll be totally 80’s except it’s 2016!

Free mp3 music downloads?

It is a well-known fact that the Internet is most likely one of the best things ever concocted. Having access to a fast Internet connectivity today, implies having entry to an abundance of data from each conceivable field and significantly more. We can utilize the Internet to chat without companions, play web diversions and discover free music download sites. Fundamentally, there are no restrictions to what the Internet can offer.

There are a ton of sites that offer one the chance to take joy in free mp3 music download. A standout amongst the most well-known applications for record sharing and in result for music documents additionally is P2P (distributed). P2P systems are to a great degree prevalent today with regards to free music download and they have one noteworthy point of interest: every one of the clients put in data.


Before hunting down free mp3 music download with the assistance of P2P applications, one must recognize some significant data about them. You have a download pace and you ought to realize this relies on upon a few variables (e.g: firewall). Beside this velocity, you likewise have a transfer speed. These two don’t rely on upon each other . Something else to mull over is that by utilizing P2P systems, you put yourself at danger. There is a solid change to experience infections and spyware. This is the reason specialists prescribe before utilizing such applications with the expectation of free mp3 music downloads to introduce into your PC a first rate antivirus.

One can’t say for sure that P2P applications are 100% safe to utilize. Since they are not, but rather by being set up with a solid assurance program you can profit by its different favorable circumstances and appreciate free music download. More individuals use P2P for free mp3 downloads in spite of the certainty the lawful move is made against such projects.

Masters in the music business have been concerned by the way that in the previous year’s individuals began to lean toward free mp3 downloads sites rather than acquiring CDs. This is the reason they started to advance their business online and arrange with certain locales for the choice of free mp3 downloads. They are completely mindful that this online music upset it is just toward the starting and they should battle so as to survive.

Music fans everywhere throughout the world enter day by day online and take the risk in free mp3 music downloads. They realize that these sites may furnish them with viruses yet they are as yet eager to chance keeping in mind the end goal to listen to their most loved music. Overhauling their music library and looking at for the most recent information on their most loved genres are presumably the most imperative things on the planet.

The prevalence of free mp3 music downloads sites has never been higher. By offering individuals the chance to stay in touch with the present trends, these sites figure out how to draw in more guests consistently. They give all classifications of music from country music, pop, rock, R&B to classics and jazz. You can’t be an aficionado of genuine music without getting a charge out of these free mp3 download sites.

These days, one can easily use an internet interface to listen to the tunes he/she needed in two or three minutes. The likelihood of free mp3 music downloads is only one favorable position from the unending rundown brought by the Internet. Individuals essentially enjoy and appreciate the way that you can discover fundamentally any sort of music online and still adhere to copyright laws.

Lets talk about getting some classy tunes!

Free mp3 music downloads I could say is the coolest invention of the century and the best gift ever bestowed to man. It acts as the bridge between musicians and their listeners across the globe ,for example i could access my favourite musician’s songs here in kenya yet he lives and produces his songs in the U.S.
Recording companies and artists have been able to make more money since their songs can be accesed easily on the web.
It has also promoted the rise to fame for various artist across the globe through statistics as the downloaded songs act as a tracker thus the greater the number of downloads indicates the love for a particular song and artist .
It has also created employment opportunites for people with diffrent experties , for example web developers who build , design and maintain the websites for downloading this songs .Also it provides income for internet service providers who create a domain to host the webpages of each and every song .Mobile app developers and programmers come up with bright ideas which develope apps ,that can catch a song while its playing displaying the artists name and album and you can even download it , such mobile apps include shazam .

Also i believe that it has affected the companies that manufacture external storage SD cards and Thumb drives positively since the downloaded songs require a storage so that listeners can be able to listen to their songs from time to time. However with the rise of the free mp3 music downloads ,it also has its negative sides since nothing good invented has always been 100 %. Futher more it has promoted piracy as songs are uploaded to the various websites without the concent of the musician hence depreciating their value in the market .Also since its free musician do not get paid well for their time ,passion and creativity that they put into each and every song in order to entertain their listeners .It may also lead to collapse of record recording companies since they have limmited rights on how many times each song may be downloaded .companies that provide this services may also gain huge losses should the websites and applications that they have developed collapse or hug due to heavy traffic of songs downloading each and a very time by different people across the globe .
Other websites require one to be their subsciribers and yet the only thing you wanted to do was to download just a song .The most terrifying is that this downloads may contain viruses which could corrupt ones files and operating systems which may lead to one incurring more losses .
Also since one can get the specific song he wants online there is no need of buying a whole audio cd album which reduces the production of audio cds.Some free downloading websites or online music store may use digital online managements systems to restrict the number of downloads . This companies also provide this songs in one audio format.